Huarache Care Guide

Congratulations on getting a pair of La Patrona handmade leather huaraches! We are just excited about it as you are.

All our huaraches are handmade with detail and quality. To help make your huaraches last for a long time, we are providing our huarache care guide to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking their best.

Your first week
Your new huaraches are made out of leather and will be molding to the shape of your feet primarily the first week of wear. As they are molding to your feet, they may feel a little snug. We recommend wearing your huaraches inside the house on a carpet for up to 3 days to allow time to break them in.

Caring for your huaraches leather
The leather from your huaraches is both soft and durable but to keep the leather in great condition, we recommend using a leather protector.

To help keep the color stay vibrant, avoid leaving them out in the sun for too long while you're not wearing them. In addition, keep your huaraches away from direct sun or heat sources such as hair dryers or fireplaces as these can dry out your huaraches.

Cleaning your huaraches
Use a clean, soft towel or cloth to remove dirt and dust from your huaraches. Do not clean them with soap or water.

The rubber sole can be cleaned using a mix of water and a few drops of clear detergent. Gently apply it with a sponge or soft towel. Wash off with clean and cold water. Be very careful not to get the leather wet or spill detergent on it as it may stain the leather.

Conditioning the leather in your huaraches
When you condition your huaraches it will help maintain their shine. Leather care products such as gentle leather creams and neutral conditioners for light scratch removal, deeper stains, and regular maintenance is recommend but not required.
You should always spot test your products beforehand.

Storing your huaraches
When you purchased your pair of huaraches, you received a cotton dust bag. Place them in the bag when not in use to avoid dust and scratches.

As an option, use a shoehorn to keep the shape of your huaraches (adding tissue paper inside can be an alternative option).